Explore the Ideal Floor Plan in The Continuum Catered to Your Family's Requirements

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Explore the Ideal Floor Plan in The Continuum Catered to Your Family’s Requirements

When purchasing a new property, one of the most significant considerations to make is the selection of the right floor plan. The Continuum offers a plethora of options, each thoughtfully designed to cater to a specific demographic and lifestyle. From compact yet spacious 1-bedroom units to grand 5-bedroom units, The Continuum has something for everyone.


Quick Summary of The Continuum Units:

  • 1 Bedroom + Study: 68 units, 560sqm
  • 2 Bedroom: 170 units, 646 – 667sqm
  • 2 Bedroom + Study: 136 units, 700 – 721sqm
  • 3 Bedroom Compact: 102 units, 872 – 958sqm
  • 3 Bedroom: 136 units, 1,066 – 1,087sqm
  • 4 Bedroom: 68 units, 1,227 – 1,292sqm
  • 3 Bedroom + Study + Private Lift: 72 units, 1,227 – 1,249sqm
  • 4 Bedroom + Utility + Private Lift: 32 units, 1,690sqm
  • 5 Bedroom + Private Lift: 32 units, 1,905sqm


Floor Plan Selection Tips and Advice

When selecting a floor plan, several factors come into play. Your lifestyle, family size, future plans, and personal preferences will significantly impact your choice. The Continuum offers a comprehensive range of options that can cater to varying needs.

1 Bedroom + Study (560sqm): This unit type is perfect for young professionals or couples seeking a compact living space with the added functionality of a study room. The compact size makes it easy to maintain, while the additional study space provides the flexibility for work-from-home situations.

2 Bedroom (646 – 667sqm): A great option for small families or couples planning to expand their family. It provides ample space for comfortable living, with room for growth.

2 Bedroom + Study (700 – 721sqm): Perfect for a growing family that also needs a home office space. It provides a harmonious blend of living and working areas.

3 Bedroom Compact (872 – 958sqm): Ideal for mid-sized families that appreciate having a little extra space. This option offers a balanced combination of communal and private spaces.

3 Bedroom (1,066 – 1,087sqm): This floor plan is suitable for larger families who prioritize spacious living and bedroom areas. It provides ample room for communal activities and individual privacy.

4 Bedroom (1,227 – 1,292sqm): Designed for larger families or those who often have guests. The extra bedroom can also be transformed into a private gym, a playroom, or a study.

3 Bedroom + Study + Private Lift (1,227 – 1,249sqm): Ideal for families valuing privacy, convenience, and the luxury of a private lift. The study room adds an extra functional space for work or study.

4 Bedroom + Utility + Private Lift (1,690sqm): For large families valuing both privacy and utility space. This floor plan also provides the luxury of a private lift.

5 Bedroom + Private Lift (1,905sqm): The pinnacle of luxury and space, perfect for large families or those who enjoy spacious living. It offers a private lift for exclusive access and convenience.

In conclusion, selecting the right floor plan is a critical part of your new property purchase. It’s not just about the square meters – it’s about how those square meters translate into livable, usable space that suits your lifestyle and needs. Consider The Continuum’s wide range of unit types and let your new property be the perfect fit for you.

Remember, each floor plan at The Continuum is designed with a purpose and demographic in mind. Therefore, knowing your needs and preferences is the first step to choosing a floor plan that will turn your new property into a home. 

Experience the diverse floor plans and high-quality finishes of The Continuum firsthand. Visit The Continuum show flat and walk through our thoughtfully designed spaces, helping you visualize your future home. You may also view The Continuum Balance Unit Chart with Price to find out what is available for your consideration. Contact our friendly team today to book your viewing and receive personalized advice based on your needs. Discover your perfect home at The Continuum – we can’t wait to welcome you!

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